Safety Lids & Decking

LITE guard has designed a range of Aluminium Safety Lids and Decking for use around open graves.

Safety Lids are available in solid aluminium or mesh and can be made to sit flush with decking or with a sloping edge. For added security they are can be lockable and will attach to decking or directly to the shoring when decking is not in use.

Our Checker Plate Decking can be placed over an open grave and ensure that the grave surrounds are stable and safe. The decking comes in a standard width of 400mm and is constructed from 4 panels which bolt together. For situations where space is restricted or in monument areas we are able to supply a bar which enable the decking to be constructed with only 3 panels. Decking can be made to suit your dimensions upon request.

Custom Lids and Decking to suit unique situations can also be manufactured. For example in one instance a cemetery needed to bury a baby coffin in a standard grave. This presented a safety hazard as the person lowering the coffin would need to straddle the grave creating an unacceptable risk of falling. We were able design a custom lid to go over the grave that was strong enough to support one person allowing them to perform the burial safely.

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