About Us

LITE guard Grave Shoring Products were designed and developed by specialist aluminium fabricators of ground support and shielding systems after being approached by one of Melbourne largest cemeteries. They were seeking to develop a shoring system for the cemetery industry that met Australian Standard AS4744.1-2000. We were able to deliver a system that was light weight, easy to handle and met the standard. The system was created from specially designed extrusions and the end product was certified by a qualified engineer. After successful delivery of the system we later expanded the range with other products including Safety Lids, Decking, End Panels and Hand Rails.

Prior to the introduction of the LITE guard Grave Shoring System the cemetery industry relied on fashioning ad hoc shoring from a variety of materials like steel frames and plywood. These systems would often fail as they were never engineered by a qualified structural engineer leaving an unacceptable Health and Safety for Cemetery operators. The LITE guard Shoring System allows the Cemetery industry to supply a safe environment for it’s workers and anyone else visiting a cemetery.

Out LITE guard Grave Shoring products are now in use throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada.