Multi-Cultural Shoring

LITE guard has developed Multi-Cultural Grave Shoring System to satisfy the burial needs of various cultures and faiths. This systems is designed to cater for the special requirements on how a body may be treated during burial.

LITE guard's Multi-Cultural Shoring System is adjustable from 700 to 900mm and consists of 2 panels and spreader bar system. With each panel weighing approximately 22kg it is capable of being placed by hand by 2 people. It's unique spreader bar system allows it to be locked into place to secure the ground. During removal the spreader bar releases the pressure locking the shoring place allowing the 2 panels to be removed from the grave.

The Multi-Cultural Shoring System creates a safe area for family members to place the deceased by shoring the grave to the top of the table in the grave.

The Multi-Cultural Grave Shoring System is not designed to be used as standard grave shoring and is for short term exposure only.

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