Grave Shoring Panels

The LITE guard cemetery shield consists of light weight aluminium grave shoring panels with spreader bars. These panels have been tailored for use in grave shoring in the cemetery industry. Our Grave Shoring panels are made of structural grade aluminium making them very light (approx. 30kgs each) but incredibly strong.

LITE guard shoring panels come in a standard size of 2400mm long x 600mm high x 45mm thick and painted green. Other sizes and colours can be made on request. A base cemetery shield unit consists of 2 grave shoring with inbuilt cutting edge and 4 spreader bars. Base cemetery shields can also be equipped with legs able to be used in normal soils to increase working depth by 600mm. Stacking panels only require 2 spreader bars per set. Spreader Bars can be supplied as adjustable or fixed width with the standard adjustable spreader bars capable of 600mm-900mm width.

Our Grave Panels stackable to a depth of 3000mm using extension joiners and are equipped with lifting lugs. Combined with their light weight this allows them to be handled by the small machinery often available within cemeteries.

LITE guard cemetery shields meet Global Standards including the safety requirements of AS 4744.1-2000 (Australian Standard), BSEN 1331.142 (British European Standard) and 29CFR Part 1926 OSHA Sup Part P (USA Standard).

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