Cemetery Gantries

In conjunction with Austeng we developed a modular cemetery gantry system for lifting coffins. The Gantry has been designed to help minimise risk of injury for cemetery staff, funeral directors and family members whilst maintaining respect for the family.

The Gantry is suitable for areas with restricted access, narrow pathways etc. and will lift coffins around monuments. It is also suitable for lifting ledgers before and after internment and can be used to harness staff when working in open graves, particularly useful during exhumations.

The Gantry is of a modular construction allowing for easy transportation and can lower a coffin weighing 500kg. The Austeng developed battery operated lift system enables the coffin to be lifted and maneuvered into monumental graves. It can be operated remotely or via a pendant control requiring less staff in attendance.

The Gantry meets all relevant lifting codes and safety regulations.

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